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Australian Natural Adventures now offers fully escorted tours of New Zealand, ranging from 1 to 21 days, that are designed to allow time to fellowship and share your experience with likeminded people from all areas of the globe, while reflecting on the beauty of God's creations. While you will enjoy the same beautiful areas as many other visitors, seeing New Zealand's spectacular scenery and exploring its culture and wildlife, you will do so in the framework of Christian learning and spirituality.


Your New Zealand experience will indulge and or challenge you educationally, culturally and spiritually. On these tours you can be nurtured, empowered, enlightened, romanced, and encouraged, and can worship and even pray together. You will have time and opportunity to personally affirm God's love in his creation of all things, and be able to share the fellowship, the laughter and joy which our God has provided, if you so choose.

The founders of these tours have a simple Mission Statement: To combine Business Integrity with Christian Ethics to Serve both God and Man. Their love of God and their country can be heard when describing New Zealand their own words:


"Though the scenery is wild, we have grown into a mature, civilized country. We are fully developed modern, westernised society. NZ is a truly blessed country. Materially, we lack for nothing. We have poverty but without slums. New Zealand is often referred to as Godzone. You will see God in it everywhere, waving in the trees, laughing in the thunder, shining in the stars, speaking in the silence. New Zealand is truly unique, captivating, exhilarating beautiful and totally created by the hand of God. We are as stated: Acts 1:8 “The End of the Earth” But we produce fabulous landscapes for movie directors, great sports men and woman, performers, supermodels and scientists."


Each tour is designed and themed with the season in mind, whether it is the changes of spring, winter's contemplation time, or the riotous joy of summer. In this way the bounty provided for us, in each season in a different but loving way, can be enjoyed and seen for the gift that it is.



Please give us a call tollfree at 1 877 VEGEMITE (834 3648) for more information about available tours.