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Australia's our home, New Zealand's our neighbor, and Fiji's just the next town along. And that makes a difference when you travel to the Pacific with us — you’re visiting our place. Australia being our home means we know Australia's natural history, wildlife, places and people intimately, from the ancient Aboriginal paintings on the Arnhem Land sandstone to the penguins waddling ashore in Tasmania. We're also Tourism Australia accredited Premier Aussie Specialist, and State Tourism Boards Accredited Specialists for every Australian State. We're also accredited New Zealand Kiwi and Fiji Matai Specialists.


To create the best wildlife tours we don’t just know about the big things, the famous things. We know who will guide you for several days along wild and untouched beaches and rivers mouths; where to see opals being mined (and get some great deals) and how to find a platypus in the wild. But we're not just wildlife, we also know how to get married on the beach, and what’s showing at the Sydney Opera House; and a lot of other non-wildlife activities as well, of course. We even know how to correctly pronounce Brisbane and Cairns (Brisbin and Cans). After all, we are Australians. A birder? We can tell you when the storm-bird comes down from New Guinea, and what part of the tree to look for Atherton Scrubwrens on. And if your partner is a birder, we can arrange something for you to do while she's off at 6am in the morning and you're wondering what to do for half a day. We've sent people to see orchids blooming in the Victorian desert (that's right, in the desert!), and to find rare stands of helmholtzia along rainforest stream banks. We know on which tropical islands you can camp by yourself in peace, and which ones will get three hundred visitors for lunch. We've even got some information about getting married in Australia.


We know what a billabong is, and what birds you’re likely to see in the trees around it — and where to watch for a crocodile in it! We also know which Australian and New Zealand tours offered by the many companies can provide what you want in a vacation, and match you up with them.

Australia is where trees flower profusely with red blossoms, where buffalo, deer and antelope don’t roam, and a possum is furry and definitely cute. Where every bird you see or hear is new, and different. It’s where the oldest living culture in the world still keeps its traditions, from desert to rainforest. And where once you’ve been there, you can’t wait to get back.


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