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We work and you relax


There are a number of reasons for using a company such as Nature Travel Specialists to arrange your travel. First of all, there’s a lot of tours out there. We’re familiar with most of them, and can evaluate which is most suited to you, your travel style, and your budget. We know about when best to travel, when to avoid traveling, and often the not so obvious things, such as peak wildlife activity times, or school holidays overseas that can overwhelm accommodation (when was the last time you knowingly chose to visit Cancun during Spring Break!). We can also arrange extra activities around the core tour, and make suggestions on what you should see that aren’t in a package tour. There’s also an added layer of security. If something goes wrong, a company may be willing to offend one customer — you — through bad follow-up service. They are much less likely to offend another company who is sending multiple customers their way. And of course, you’re our customer — so we go to bat for you, not them. Naturally, you won’t pay any more for the tour through us — we guarantee it.

(Fine print exception: at times companies offer last minute deals that are only available directly through them. In this case we cannot offer, reduce or refund the price of a trip unless the company is willing to make us the same deal.)