Nature Travel Specialists

nature travel, wildlife tours, adventure travel and general travel to Australia, Southeast Asia and South America

Nature Travel Specialists, LLC, organizes travel in a variety of ways.


Individual Travelers

We offer completely customized travel, where we put together an itinerary for you with as much or as little included as you want — from just airfare and first and last night hotels, to a full and detailed by-the-minute itinerary, designed just for you. Most of our clients prefer this option, and the costs are similar to most full-service small group tours. If there are several of you traveling, this option is usually cheaper than a similar group tour. Call or email us to talk to a custom tour specialist.

We realize that traveling with children can present special opportunities, and sometimes special challenges. We continuously search for kid friendly destinations, activities and operators that understand and welcome family travel. Click here for more information about traveling with children.

We design our own inclusive, small-group, guided tours from time to time to various destinations, with set departure dates that anyone can join. That means that we organize all aspects of the itinerary, and operate all or some of the activities. Some parts of these tours — a boat trip, or a city tour, for example — will often be operated by one or more independent in-country outfitters.

We sell complete tours operated by other companies. After talking to you, and determing you style and needs, we suggest tours taht are your best fit. Or, perhaps you’ve traveled with a company before, and like their style (or we do). In this case you’ll be traveling with, and some of your arrangements will be handled by, the other company.We can add additional aspects to the tour, such as air travel or additional days, that may not be part of the company tour, and that make the tour just right for you.

We also reperesent several overseas tour companies in the US, which makes booking these companies easier for you.

So, whether you're unsure what are the best things to do and see in a country, would like an opinion about a tour you've found and an additional layer of security in booking it, or want help in selecting the right tour for your particular interests, available time, or budget, we can help. Contact us by phone or email.

Special Interest Groups

Nature Travel Specialists can organize a tour specifically for your special interest group to any of our destinations. Your interests may be the architecture and fabrics of Bali, birding in Chile, or the medicinal plants of the Amazon. We can take care of all arrangements, including providing a special webpage describing your trip, itinerary development, all air and ground arrangements, billing and fulfilling applicants, and the provision of specialized guides. Your involvement is simply to provide the interested travelers. Please contact us for more details.

Air Travel

For most destinations Nature Travel Specialists can arrange your international and in-country air, and often your domestic connecting flights at very competitive rates. In some instances it may be cheaper or more convenient for you to arrange some or all of your air independently. We will discuss the options with you, including flights and costs, and then the choice is yours.




We accept American Express, Visa, Mastercard and Discover for most air arrangements, and car rental. Occasionally due to special purchases credit cards cannot be used. Our land arangement prices are based on a discount for cash/check. There is no discount for using a credit card, but we do happily accept them.

Travel Insurance

We highly recommend travel insurance. Most arrangements are made well in advance, often with advantage pruchase and subject to various amounts of non-refundable fees. Travel insurance is an inexpensive way to avoid often substantial losses, and to protect yourself, your family and your belongings while traveling. Click here for more information.

Practical Stuff

As our clients are located all over the US, we operate via the web, mail, phone and, in Alabama, in person (yes, we'll come to you). We don't produce expensive brochures, which only add to your trip cost, and we don't send out expensive mailings. Once we've talked to you, we'll send or email you a full written day by day draft itinerary, including activities, where you'll stay, and what you'll see, in detail. We like to include web links where ever possible, so you can see the places ahead of time, and help your decision-making.

Please also see our Terms and Conditions page for detailed information on our terms and conditions, payments, etc.